Our company, The Chameleon Group Garnjost and Kuta GbR ceased doing business on December 31, 2019.

As of 01.01.2020, MOUSE-TRAK trackballs from the manufacturer ITAC Systems Inc. can be obtained from the company PC Mäuse. Their contact details are:

PC Mäuse Versandhandel
Volker Knotek
Nenndorfer Str. 3
31542 Bad Nenndorf
Telephone: +49 (0)5723 908 6070
Telefax: +49 (0)5723 908 6072

E-Mail: info@pc-maeuse.de
Internet: www.pc-maeuse.de

For warranty claims for devices that you have purchased from us, please contact either us or PC Mäuse, who will handle such warranty cases for us.
We greatly appreciate your business, and the trust you have placed in us.
Dieter Garnjost and Steve Kuta

The Chameleon Group Garnjost u. Kuta GbR
Viersener Strasse 172
D-47877 Willich


Trackballs   Industrie Tastatur
Mouse-Trak Trackballs klick Für Deutsch hier klicken Industrial Keyboards klick
  • Office Desktops for higher productivity and for CAD.
  • Industrial desktops for operation in rugged environments.
  • Panel Mounts and Panel Tops for use in extreme environments, e. g. kiosks.
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All Mouse-Trak trackballs feature the following qualities:

Reliable and robust
High comfort factor
Integrated hand support reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
Requires less functional space than a mouse and no special pad or surface
Long life- it will be the last mouse you buy!

Some applications in which our customers employ the Mouse-Trak:

Industrial automation
Automation technology
Plant engineering
Automobile manufacturing
Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
Medical systems and rehabilitation engineering
Steel and aluminium plants
Timber industry
Computer chip manufacturing (cleanroom applications)
Applications on ships and in deserts
Use by the physically handicapped


IP65/IP67 (NEMA 4/NEMA 6) sealed membrane or short travel keyboards
Large standard range from 26 - 106 keys
Positive tactile feedback
Available in major European and US layouts
Ergonomic, slimline styling
Kiosk & Public Access Design
Vandal/Abrasion/Dismantle proof
With or without integrated pointing device
USB & PS/2 compatible
Plug and Play, No Drivers Required
19 inch 1 HU drawer compatible units
Custom designs and configurations Available



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